6 tips to get rid off the Stage Fear

When it comes to delivering IAP, you must hone your public speaking skills. Warren Buffett Says “Public speaking skills will raise your Value by 50%.” But when it comes to public speaking, it is not something which every one of us may love to do. Most people are scared of speaking in front of an audience. I have seen many IFAs/MFDs who are very good at knowledge and one on one conversation with the clients, but when it comes to public speaking it is like a nightmare for them.



Fear of Public speaking which is also known as Glossophobia tops the chart of all phobias. Approximately 75% of the people have this phobia making it the most common phobias that exist.

  1. Glossophobia – Public Speaking.

  2. Necrophobia – Fear of Death.

  3. Arachnophobia – Fear of Spiders.

  4. Achluphobia – Fear of Darkness.

  5. Acrophobia – Fear of Heights.

“According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two. Does that sound right? This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.” – Jerry Seinfeld

You might be surprised to know that even the most seasoned speakers also have this phobia, only thing is that they speak and practice speaking in spite of this phobia.

Here are 6 powerful tips which might help you to overcome stage fear so that you can easily deliver your educational messages through IAPs.

    1. Practice: Before delivering the speech, you must ensure that you have practiced your speech several times. You may practice your speech in front of your friends, family or staff members. Make sure that you have practiced it at least 5 to 6 times before delivering it to the audience. Practice till the speech and the flow of the presentation gets ingrained into your mind and heart both. So that while delivering the speech you don’t have to focus on content. It will help you to focus more on delivering the speech confidently. When you know it by heart which slide is going to come next and what you are supposed to speak into that slide, your confidence will increase to the great level as you don’t have to struggle with the content. So remember the three most important words; Practice! Practice! & Practice! Because it is rightly said that Practice makes it permanent.

    2. Relax: Fear, Anxiety and Dizziness are common syndromes before starting any presentation, so relaxing by taking the deep breaths will be very helpful. Because when you take those deep breaths, you can utilize the full capacity of your lungs which will result into the more intake of Oxygen. The more Oxygen intake results into the more oxygen to the brain. This will help you to think clearly and as a result, you will feel more relaxed. Also it is very important for you to keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough water. But make sure not to drink too much of water before a long session, as it might force you to shorten the session!

    3. Focus on the Message to be conveyed: The best part about Investor Awareness Program is that the message which you are going to share is going to be very useful to the audience. And when you are going to talk about something which is beneficial to audience, why should you fear? So focus on delivering the message effectively rather than focusing on you.

    4. Always keep Plan B: This tip will be very useful to those who are beginners when it comes to delivering presentations. Once you are seasoned, you might not require this. Just imagine what would you do if you get totally blanked on the stage and forgot what you are suppose to say, or what if your notes are getting jumbled and you need a time to re arrange those notes during the presentation. It might be very embarrassing situation, Right? So always keep some Plan B in terms of having some pre planned questions which you can ask to audience and can give a time to audience to think for a moment. This will give you some time to get back on the track. Having such Plan B for this kind of contingency will make you more confident during your presentation and will reduce the chances of you getting blanked.

    5. Being Organized: Always try to reach the venue before time and give yourself to get comfortable and familiar with the environment and the audience as well. Also reaching to the venue in advance also gives you time to setup your laptop and also to keep audio and visual equipment in place. If you reach at the end moment you will have to start the presentation immediately and might add more to your nervousness. Also keep your checklist ready in advance and keep all your material to be circulated for the Investor Awareness Program one day in advance.

    6. Visualize Success: This might sound a bit strange but it works very well. Before delivering any session try to visualize yourself delivering the presentation successfully. Try to see yourself presenting confidently, visualize your audience appreciating your talk and clapping for you. This kind of positive visualization sends positive signals to your subconscious mind and it will help you in replicating what you visualized in real life. Many of us do visualize unknowing but do it about our failure. We more and more visualize and focus on what can go wrong during the speech and more and more you do that you sends a wrong signals to your subconscious and that will impact your presentation negatively.

In a nutshell, you must deliver the IAPs to get the maximum benefit of this activity, because when you educate people about investing, they will see you as an authority into the subject. To conduct successful IAPs, you must get rid of the fear of public speaking. Practicing few simple techniques discussed above will surely help you to do so.

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