6 tips to get rid off the Stage Fear

When it comes to delivering IAP, you must hone your public speaking skills. Warren Buffett Says “Public speaking skills will raise your Value by 50%.” But when it comes to public speaking, it is not something which every one of us may love to do. Most people are scared of speaking in front of an audience. I have seen many IFAs/MFDs who are very good at knowledge and one on one conversation with the clients, but when it comes to public speaking it is like a nightmare for them.

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Delivering successful IAP on your own

Delivering an impactful presentation during an Investor Awareness Program is very crucial. One must learn the art of presenting. It takes a lot of time and continuous efforts to sharpen your presentation skills. Most people believe that the skill and art of presenting is something which is God gifted and cannot be learnt. This is half truth. I agree with the fact that many people are born good speakers. But it would be wrong to say that this skill cannot be learnt.

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Acquire clients – Baba Ramdev way

What is the most important aspect of Mutual Fund Distribution Business? Marketing is no doubt the most important part of Mutual Fund Distribution but the major function of any marketing activity should not be about what you do but it should be aimed at establishing yourself as and knowledgeable, reliable and trusted MFD or IFA. Most investors don’t do the business with MDF/IFA they don’t trust. Investment decisions are the ones which affect their financial life and future directly, so it becomes very crucial for us to develop not only capability but also the credibility through our communication.

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